free 2014 calendar

free 2014 calendar

Is it just me, or does the month of December seem to fly by at warp speed? I wish I had more time to enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas, but it always seems so frenzied with holiday parties, year end reviews at work, gift giving, cookie baking, holiday movie watching, skiing, etc.

Good thing I started listening to Christmas music after Halloween.

This year seems especially crazy because I’m getting ready to leave the office for 3 (gasp) weeks! I’m spending Christmas at home with my family and will probably spend quite a few days on the slopes with my brother and sister-in-law, who will be in town. Then, I’m leaving for Patagonia on New Year’s Eve. I’ve been planning the trip for months and can’t believe it’s finally here…but I still need to buy a few items for the trip and pack. So it will be a busy few weeks, but “good” busy.

free 2014 calendar

All that to say that 2014 will be here before I know it. I designed a little calendar for 2014 using Illustrator this year to print and give as gifts to friends and family. It’s far from perfect, but I like it and enjoyed picking out the colors and playing around with the design. The other fun thing is that I created the font used in the calendar with my own handwriting. I used the app iFontMaker on my iPad. It’s really fun to play around with different styles and the one I ended up using for the calendar is pretty close to my actual handwriting.

free 2014 calendar

The designs are 5″x8″s and I had them printed on card stock. I have a calendar like this that I bought on Etsy last year and it adds some nice color to my cubicle wall. I like having 3 months up at a time so I can see the month prior and the upcoming month. It’s always fun when a month ends and I pull out a new month to hang on the wall.

free 2014 calendar

The images in this post are some of my favorite designs. If you want to see all them, click on the link below to download the free PDFs for all the months. Feel free to print one out for you or print a lot for friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


(Download is a zip file. Save it to your desktop and unzip it to access PDFs for each month.)

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  1. So cute. I just printed them for myself and I’m going to go get them laminated and put in a top sprial binding.
    Thanks too for the Pointy Baby Hat pattern. Have a new grandson coming in March in Michigan!

  2. This calendar is so cute! I got a laminator for Christmas so I may copy Diane. 🙂 Have an amazing time in Patagonia!!

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