knitting a new cowl + latest food obsessions

free cowl knitting pattern

As an experienced knitter, sometimes I think I can’t find new challenges or new techniques to learn. There was a time when anything besides a knit or purl stitch was intimidating.  Now I’ve tried and mastered stranded color knitting, lace patterns, knitting in the round, even entrelac. That’s why I was so excited to find the stitch block cowl from Purl Bee.

Three new stitch patterns I’ve never tried before! A new cast on method! I started knitting the cowl in early February and it’s been fun trying out some new techniques. Like most new techniques, they aren’t really that hard once you try them. (And it helps that Purl Bee has really helpful pictures that illustrate the stitches.)

This cowl is knit straight instead of in the round. Right now it looks like a long scarf…and it has been ages since I last made a scarf. I remember why I stopped making them, though. It feels like they take FOREVER to finish. Despite the fact that I’m over half way done, I keep thinking that I won’t finish until August. I usually recommend that beginner knitters start with anything other than a scarf so they don’t lose interest and can experience the satisfaction of finishing a project.

The cowl is pictured in white and yellow, but I’m knitting mine in white and shades of grey.

Now onto my latest food obsessions…

I’ve been making popcorn several times a week. No, not microwave popcorn. (eww) I’m a popcorn purist and only like it popped on the stovetop in a real popcorn maker. When I was a kid, my Dad always made popcorn for Family Movie Night. One taste of his popcorn would make you give up microwave and movie popcorn forever. It’s that good.

My parents gave me my own popper for Christmas so now I’m making it at home all the time. Sometimes I flavor it with plain butter and salt. Last night I used cinnamon. And I’m really excited to try brown sugar, butter and curry powder. I’ve heard great things.

Also, I’ve made this One Pot Moroccan Chicken + Chickpeas recipe three times this month. It’s amazing. You should definitely try it.

Anyone have any great popcorn flavors to share? New recipes? Fun knitting projects? 

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  1. One Pot Moroccan Chicken + Chickpeas I made this and wow it turned out soooo delicious. My son wants a second round.

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