herringbone cowl

herringbone cowl

I’ve always enjoyed knitting cowls (here and here), but I have a few of my own and couldn’t quite justify knitting yet another one.  So when my friend Sally asked me to knit her a cowl, I was happy for an excuse to make another one.

I started knitting some mittens with size 1 needles in the Fall. And so far I’ve completed 1 that’s a little too small for me. I’ll finish the other one eventually, but this cowl was a welcome distraction.

I almost decided to keep this cowl for myself…the yarn is so soft! And I love the herringbone pattern. But I did mail it…I have an extra skein that I didn’t use, so maybe I’ll find something soft and cozy to make for myself.

herringbone cowlIt took me a while to get the hang of the pattern, but once I did, it was fairly easy. That’s not to say that I didn’t make any mistakes. I had to go back and repair a few dropped stitches after I finished, but they weren’t too visible.

This pattern is hard to troubleshoot when you make a mistake. I didn’t realize I had holes until I had finished it.

The other mistake I made was when casting off. At first, I did it too lightly…then, I pulled the stitches too tightly, resulting in an uneven cast off.

Instead of undoing it, I finished the cast off and then crocheted a border around it to hide the uneven border. Not ideal, but a decent solution.

So not perfect, but functional and soft and a cool pattern.

I used Malabrigo Merino Worsted Wool in a neutral color called Chapel Stone.

You can find out all the details on Ravelry.  Or check out the free pattern from The Purl Bee.

Stay tuned for some more projects…I’ll finish those mittens soon and I also have a baby blanket on my needles to post about soon!



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  1. I didn’t really come up with any novel ideas for it…when I first started, I noticed that I was dropping stitches and so I tore it out and restarted. Then I was just a little more careful going forward not to make any mistakes.

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