goals for 2012

New Year's Goals

I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolutions person. Instead of resolving to do better in the new year, I like to set more concrete goals for myself. I also have three words to describe my themes for the year in life and business. You can read more about my theme words (Create, Action, Consistency) here.

My full list of goals is in my private journal, but I think there’s something very helpful about announcing my blogging and business goals. Going public creates accountability and helps me stay committed to what I’m doing.

Knitting / Crafting Goals

2011 was an exciting year for knitting as I created my very first original knitting design. I enjoyed it so much that I created a few additional designs as well. Thanks to everyone who downloaded a pattern and for all of the compliments you gave me on my designs. I nervously released my first pattern, afraid that no one would like it and that no one would download it. Since releasing it in June, almost 1,000 people have downloaded it!

I will create at least 3-5 additional patterns in the coming year. Maybe more if I get into a knitting groove!

I also want to knit my first sweater. I’ve shied away from attempting to make clothing, but would like to give it a try.


Many of my cooking supplies are still in boxes in the basement since I’ve moved around quite a bit lately. Without my supplies, I’ve been less excited about trying new recipes. But I want to cook and bake more this year and will try at least 3 new recipes each month. I’ll make sure to share all the good ones with you here or on the Facebook Fan Page (You’re not a fan? Like the page and join the discussion! We share cool links and tips with each other in a more interactive format on Facebook.)


I felt seriously uninspired in my photography last year. After completing a 365 project in 2010, I put my camera in a drawer and forgot to use it all year. Ok, not all year, but I didn’t actively look for opportunities to take photos. This year I’m challenging myself to the 365 project again to get back in the habit. Circle me on Goolge+ to follow along with my photography posts.


Some of you that have been reading for a while will remember that I read a lot of books. Last year I made it to 51, almost one per week. This year I intend to great at least 52. I’m reading Swamplandia! right now, which I highly recommend.

That’s it for me! My goals feel ambitious, but if I don’t feel a little uncomfortable with my goals it means I’m not challenging myself enough.

How about you? Any exciting goals you want to share for the new year?

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  1. I had high expectations of Swamplandia! based on the buzz; I’m a lover of southern gothic and thought this would be right up my alley. It’s the story of the Bigtree family, a “tribe” who runs the alligator-wrestling park Swamplandia! in an island chain off of Florida. Having the island to themselves except for the tourists, the Bigtrees inhabit a very different sort of world; they have a museum filled with family artifacts, children who are homeschooled and rarely set foot on the “mainland,” and a mother who wrestles alligators. Things hum along nicely until their mother, Hilola Bigtree, succumbs to cancer, throwing the entire family into a tailspin.

    The writing is very descriptive and quite lovely, but at times it almost feels like too much–or perhaps just feels misplaced, as sometimes it felt like you had to wade through a great deal of description to get to the plot. The switching of chapters between Ava and Kiwi’s perspective also felt a bit jarring at times; it felt you’d just gotten into one storyline when you were yanked back into another. The novel itself has a very original feel while also recalling some other great works of literature; Ava’s character is sometimes reminiscent of Scout from “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Unfortunately while there were moments I couldn’t put the book down, there were also moments I wanted to walk away from it forever, which made for a disjointed reading experience. Overall this scores major points for originality, but the originality is compromised by the uneven character and pace of the novel. It was worth the read, but didn’t quite live up to the hype for me.

  2. I really enjoyed Swamplandia. Most of the time when I read new fiction books, I find the writing is poor and the story not well developed.

    I loved the style of writing and enjoyed the plot and story with Swamplandia. And I didn’t mind the switching back and forth.

  3. fresh, crisp, powerful, yet a touch of hope and pisorme- very New York. can you tell I love the city !?!so glad you made it to sit n knit. hope to meet you next time.

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