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Snow storm

Remember how last week I told you that it didn’t feel like fall anymore because of the snow?  Well, Monday morning I went running in a t-shirt and shorts and enjoyed the 70 degree weather. Then Tuesday night, we had an even bigger snow storm than last week.

So winter is officially back…at least for now. Colorado’s weather is infamously inconsistent and contrary to popular belief, the snow does melt and is often gone 1-2 days after a big storm. We also have 70 degree days sprinkled in all winter.

Next week I’ll have 1 (maybe 2) new knitting patterns to share. I made a simple cowl pattern that knits extremely quickly with bulky yarn and big needles. It’s perfect for these cold, snowy days. I need to write up the pattern and once it’s ready, I’m going to send it out for FREE to everyone subscribed to my mailing list.

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So for now, I’ll leave you with these pictures of snow. I’m hoping I don’t have to dig my car out of 12+ inches of snow every week this winter!

Snow storm

car in snow

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