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free knitting pattern blanket

I love the cooler temperatures, the chance to pull out sweatshirts,  fall foods (butternut squash, pumpkin pesto), football (how ’bout those Denver Broncos?) and rediscovering sweaters, boots and coats. Does anyone else out there feel like they regain 75% of their wardrobe when the weather cools down? Maybe it’s just me since I live in Colorado, but I always get tired of my summer wardrobe.

As summer was winding down, I started thinking about my next knitting project. Instead of baby clothes and blankets, I decided to make something cozy and warm for my apartment. When I started this blanket, it was hot and I could hardly knit without the AC on. But I finished it just in time. We’re expecting our first winter storm tonight and some snow in Denver!

free knitting pattern blanket

This blanket is easy to knit mindlessly. It knits up really quickly. And it’s perfect if you have a bunch of odd skeins lying around that you need to use up. I cleaned out my yarn collection when I moved this summer, so I bought 24 skeins of Knit Picks Comfy Worsted Yarn (Cotton). It’s soft, machine washable and warm. What else could you ask for?

Knitting Pattern: Cozy Striped Blanket


Very easy


I used the materials listed below, but the beauty of a blanket like this is that you can use any type of yarn. The amount you use will depend on how big you want your final product to be. 

2,640 yard of yarn (I used Comfy Worsted Yarn – 12 skeins of Silver Sage, 3 each of Planetarium, Honey Dew, Hawk, and Carrot)

size 11 circular needles


My blanket is 60 inches by 50 inches. It’s not too big, but keeps me warm and is perfect for the couch.


You’ll always be knitting with two strands of yarn. I used one base color throughout and changed the contrasting color.

The blanket is simply garter stitch (all knit) with an I-cord edge.

Cast on 130 stitches (or more or less).

Slip the first 2 stitches Knit 126 stitches. Purl the last 2 stitches. [repeat until done!]

I attached the new yarn as the old skeins ran out so my rows are a little uneven. But that just adds to the charm.

Hopefully I’ll remember to close my balcony and windows tonight…last week I woke up and could see my breath inside!

free knitting pattern blanket

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  1. Great blanket…is the yarn held doubled through out…did I miss that somewhere?

    I was disappointed that we didn’t get more snow here in Denver. I am ready for sweaters, jeans, and boots. :)

  2. Hi Sheila, Yes, the yarn is doubled the whole time. We had a lot more snow up in Broomfield where I work than down in Denver where I live.

  3. I love this blanket. I’m ready for sweaters as wellas boots. But nothing beats a cozy blanket!
    I love the cream with the other colors!

  4. Love the look of your blanket am going to try one soon. I live in Maine so one can never have to many blankets etc. Is Comfy Worsted a brand name, if so would you let me know? Thanks,

  5. I am not an experienced knitter but would love to try this blanket, it certainly would keep us warm up here in Canada this winter. I’m not sure how the changing of the colours happens, can you lead me to a WEBSITE that could help?

  6. The yarn is from You’ll be able to see the Comfy Worsted yarn on their site, but feel free to use any yarn you’d like. This pattern is super flexible for all sorts of weights and types of yarn.

  7. Kathleen, I just changed colors when I ran out of the current skein by connecting the new strand to the previous strand with a knot. If you only want to switch colors at the end of a row, you can do that for a more even look.

  8. What length circular needle to accommodate 130 stitches?
    Cast on 130–slip 2—knit 126–what am I missing on 130
    thank you

  9. It looks ever so beautiful and cosy. I am already working on so many projects but I know I shall make this one. This is my type of blanket to wrap around my body. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi starting mking this blanket. When you slip the stitches do I need to add a stitch to make up for the decrease or do I not understand what a slip stitch is? Thanks.

  11. Hi I think I have it. !!!! It’s not a slip stitch just a slip!!!! That makes more sense. Sometimes I have to read and read and think about it then it FINALLY hits me!!! Sorry for the confusion.

  12. Starting to knit this blanket for my daughter – she is off to college next year, and I want her to have it with her :) Thank you for an inspiration!

  13. Questions, please…
    Do I understand that I will be knitting with the silver ALL the way thru the blanket?
    How many rows of each color before switching?
    In what order did you knit your colors?
    It is a lovely blanket…can’t wait for my yarn to arrive.
    Happy New Year 2014!

  14. Dian,
    Yes, I knitted with silver all the way through. But you don’t have to if you want to vary the colors. I just liked the consistency of having the same base color throughout.

    I didn’t count rows before switching, but just switched colors in the middle of a row when I ran out.

    My order was Planetarium, Carrot, Hawk, Honey Dew.

    Hope that helps!

  15. Carolyn,
    It really depends on the dimensions and how big you’d like it to be. The easiest way to make it wider is simply by casting on more stitches. Then you can also make it longer by increasing the number of rows. This blanket is really flexible, so really all you’d need is just more yarn!

  16. Pat, the 130 stitches makes the 50 inch width. If you’d like to make it only 20 inches in width, you can reduce the number of stitches that you cast on.

  17. I started making this blanket last night. I cast on the 130 stitches, slipped the last two cast on stitches purl wise, and then knitted the row (ending of course with two purl stitches). I did this for four or five rows and my edges look really really bad. They almost look knotty. Do you have any advice for helping that to look more clean?

  18. Hi Ashley,

    Hmmm…not sure why it looks knotted on the side. Mine wasn’t like that. You could always do a border to cover it up or try knitting the stitches instead of slipping them.


  19. I just wanted to thank you for the pattern. I started my blanket about a month ago . . . almost finished! It’s turning out beautifully! It’s supposed to be a Christmas gift for my Dad, but he’s not doing well at the moment, so I wanted to give it to him early. I think he’s going to love it!

  20. Haven’t started yet but finding the questions very helpful..Thank you..D. McKillop

  21. Do you have directions as to how to cast/bind off? I love this blanket. Great project for a beginning knitter like myself!!

  22. LaConna,

    You can really do any type of casting on and off for this pattern. Use whatever method you’re most comfortable with. I used a traditional long tail cast-on and a standard bind off.

    Hope you enjoy knitting it!


  23. Lesanne, circular needles are easier to use than straight needles when you need to hold a lot of stitches on it for larger projects like this.

  24. Eunice,

    The i-cord edge is made by slipping the first 2 stitches and purling the last two stitches of every row.

    Just follow the instructions in the pattern–that will create it for you. No need to do anything extra.

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