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Basketweave BlanketTwo of my good college friends used to tell everyone that they each wanted to have 10 kids. During a weekend retreat at Princeton, I promised that I would knit them baby blankets and send them jars of Nutella for each baby they had.

This blanket is the fulfillment of the promise for my friend Quirk (nickname), who is having her second baby boy this fall. I made Quirk’s first blanket exactly two years ago and it was the very first post I wrote for this blog! That first blog post still receives some of the most traffic both here and on Ravelry.  (This is the 4th blanket I made to fulfill my promise…you can find the 3rd here. Fortunately for me, I don’t think either of my friends will actually have 10 kids each.)Basketweave Blanket

Quirk has the most difficult pregnancies of anyone I know. They are “so-sick-I-lose-weight-and-can’t-get-out-of-bed” bad. So by the time Quirk gets to the end of her pregnancy, she has definitely earned a jar of Nutella.

I sent Quirk a jumbo jar of Nutella with this blanket. You see, Quirk is getting ready to move to Papua New Guinea with her family. And Nutella will be hard to come by there. Quirk has been busy over the last few months preparing to move to a new country, raising support money for the work she and her husband will do there, and taking care of an almost-two-year-old little boy. All while feeling really sick. So the jumbo jar of Nutella is her reward.

Nutella blanket

About the pattern: This blanket is an adaptation of the Reveresable Basketweave Blanket. I used Cotton Ease to knit it because I wanted to make something durable and easy to wash. This blanket is going to travel all over with Quirk and her family, so it needed to be made of something that would last.

The pattern is quite easy to knit and a nice change from the complicated Twin Leaf Pattern. You can find my notes for the Basketweave Blanket on Ravelry (note: the pattern is free).

Basketweave for Quirk    Basketweave Blanket

Stay tuned for another custom pattern I designed that will be available soon. I’m in the process of knitting it right now. If you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll be the first to find out when the pattern is available and will have the chance to buy it at an absurdly low price! Sign up now and you’ll receive the free Twin Leaf Baby Blanket Pattern (if you haven’t already!)

Also stay tuned for some exciting changes on the blog. I mentioned earlier that I’m quickly approaching the 2 year anniversary of PaintingLilies and as a birthday present, the site is getting a re-designed look! When I launch the new look, we’ll have some give-aways and contests to celebrate the 2 year birthday.


There has been some confusion about how to access the pattern. If you’re a member of Ravelry, you can access my project and notes (Basketweave Blanket on Ravelry) or the original pattern (Reveresable Basketweave Blanket) .

I didn’t make a formal PDF write-up for this pattern since I didn’t create it, but the basic instructions are below.

Using size 7 circular needles and CottonEase yarn, CO 180
Seed stitch for 6 rows
(The blanket has a border of seed stitch)
Rows 1-6: 6 seed stitch (knit 6, purl 6)* to last six stitches, 6 seed stitch
Rows 7-12: 6 seed stitch (purl 6, knit 6)* to last six stitches, 6 seed stitch
Repeat 22 times
Six rows of seed stitch
Bind off

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  1. Kylie, you can definitely knit it with a thicker yarn. This pattern is really flexible. Your blanket will be larger if you use thicker yarn and needles for that yarn. If you want it to be the same size as the original, simply reduce the number of stitches.

  2. Lindy, I didn’t cast one with a seed stitch–just a normal cast on. Though you could do that if you wanted it in the same pattern.

  3. I just finished making this blanket for my baby ( Im due in August) it turned out fantastic! Thank you for posting!

  4. I know it’s knit 6 pearl six but then it says to the last six stitches
    what do yo do with the Kate six stitches
    I am so new at this and wanted to name a simp,e afghan
    Have on,y been knitting, or trying to fo one month
    Made a scarf lots if mistakes as I purchased wrong type of yarn
    I am 69 years old and want to knit so bad
    Do you have a SIMPLE afghan type of blanket, not a valid y blanket
    Certainly do not understand the back of yarn labels and how much to buy
    Can you email me some kind of simple afghan project
    Am so discouraged
    Jean Paolini

  5. Hi Jean,

    The last six stitches are meant to continue to be in the seed stitch pattern. That’s why you do the seed stitch for the first 6 and last 6 stitches of every row.

    If you want to make the pattern more simple, you could eliminate the border and just do the knit 6, purl 6. You could also increase the number of stitches you cast on to make this a bigger size instead of just a baby blanket size.

    Have you ever used Ravelry to look for patterns? It is very helpful for finding simple patterns that are free. Another resource to try is You can find patterns that use the KnitPicks yarn. It’s affordable yarn and sometimes when you first start out, it’s nice to use the exact yarn that the pattern calls for so that you get the right amount.

    I hope that helps!

  6. The repeat 22 times
    How many rows do we end up with
    I count 18 but that can’t ne right
    Where does the repeat 22 times come in

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  8. Hello, I would like to make this blanket in a finer wool, how many stitches would I cast on, (relatively new to knitting).

  9. Diane, the blanket is pretty easy to adjust to different types of wool. I don’t know how many stitches you would need since it will depend on the gauge of the yarn and the needle you use.

    I recommend looking at the gauge (how many stitches = 1 inch) for your blanket and then using that to decide how many stitches to cast on (in multiples of 6).

  10. Rachael, it’s about 30 inches by 30 inches. You can increase the number of stitches in a multiple of 6 to make it bigger.

  11. Hi Lindsay, Two questions. 1) Can you use #7 size straight needles? 2) do you allow items to be sold from your patterns?

    Thanks so much! 🙂


    Rosanna Judah-Elliott

  12. Hi Rosanna, You can use straight needles, but I just find it easier to manage and keep all the stitches on the needles with circular needles. I don’t allow items to be sold from my patterns.

    Happy knitting!

  13. Hi Lindsay! I’m so excited to be starting this project. I’m just a bit confused with the right or wrong side… I don’t know the name of my cast on method but I know that my first row of the border would be on the wrong side. Do I still start with K1? and when I’m ready to start row 1-6 does it matter if I’m again on the wrong side? Thanks!

  14. Hi Osianna, It doesn’t matter how you cast on, you still start with the seed stitch for 6 rows. Just go ahead and start with it as written. You’ll see that this blanket is essentially reversible – not like a lace pattern where there truly is a right and wrong side.

  15. I have 1600 yards of #4 weight 100% acrylic yarn, and I want to use it to make this baby blanket. I’m an experienced knitter (sweaters, mittens, socks, hats) but I’ve never used circular needles before. I’m assuming they are a must for this project because of its size, correct? If I use #4 yarn, should I use size 7 circulars or larger? Any encouraging tips will be appreciated!

  16. Hi Kathleen,
    You’re right- circular needles are easier to use when you’re holding this many stitches for a blanket. They’re used much the same way as straight needles. You still turn the work after finishing a row. Any size yarn / needle combo will work for this–you just need to use the right size for your yarn. The final size will vary depending on the type of yarn / size of needles you use.


  17. Hi Lindsay

    I have just joined your site as I wish to try and make this blanket for my first grand child and have not knitted since my first all of 37 years ago.

    Please can you tell me, approx how many balls of wool will be needed?

    Kind regards

  18. Julie, I used 5 balls of cotton (~1,000 yards) for the blanket. How much you’ll need will vary a little on the gauge and type of yarn / needles used. But this blanket is really flexible so you can always stop early if you think it’s big enough or keep going until it’s the right size.


  19. Hi I recently found a variation of basket weave that was longer knit sections with vary small and randomish lines of pearl. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I saw it and cannot locate it.
    Would you know what that is called or suggest way to modify your pattern for this? Thanks so much

  20. Hi Lindsay,
    When I knew that our first grandchild was on his way, I hunted around for a blanket pattern that was simple but had interest! Yours popped up and it fitted the bill exactly! I used a pistachio green cotton yarn, a colour which my daughter loves and it has turned out just as I hoped, in spite of my rusty knitting skills! She loves it ! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

  21. I have knitted this for my new grandson in cotton! It’s perfect- simple but with enough pattern to make it interesting! Thank you so much.

  22. Just wanted to compliment you on the grace and patience with which you answer all these questions from us less-experienced knitters! I plan to knit this one for my sister’s coming baby. Your notes on the pattern were very helpful. Have a good summer!

  23. I really want to make this blanket for a friend of mine who’s partner is expecting. I can’t find the colour wool you use anywhere. Is there any chance you could post a link please?
    Thanks in advance

  24. what is a seed stitch? I am new to knitting and can knit and pearl, but can’t locate a seed stitch? Thank you

  25. Hi Janet, I hope this helps.
    Cast on an even number of stitches
    Row1- k1,p1 repeat til the end of the row
    Row2- p1,k1 repeat til the end of the row
    Continue repeating row 1 and 2

  26. I would like to use YARN BEE WHIMSY BULKY in SAN MARTINE….will the different colors of the yarn disguise the stitch pattern too much?

  27. Thanks for all the comments! I’ve been a bit behind in responding, but it looks like many of you have helped each other. Thank you!

    You can really use any types of yarn in any color for this pattern. The beauty of it is that it looks good in almost any color or yarn combo.

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