how to make pysanky (ukrainian easter eggs)

Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanky

Easter seems to sneak up on me every year. I’m never prepared with Easter foods or crafts. And I end up sharing what I did for easter a month afterwards when no one really cares anymore.

This year I’m finally on top of things. Instead of telling you about my Easter tradition in May, I’m ready with a tutorial in March so you can enjoy this activity before Easter.

My Mom is 50% Ukrainian and since I was a little girl, we’ve had a tradition of creating and decorating Ukrainian Eggs. Many of the supplies we have belonged to my Mom’s grandmother and aunt. They passed along the tradition to my Mom who passed it on to me. Back in the Ukraine, egg decorating was a women’s activity. My brother used to try it with us when we were young, but he never had much patience for it and didn’t enjoy it.

Working with raw eggs is tricky making this type of art precise. It also requires quite a bit of patience. It can take hours to complete one egg. And sometimes when you’ve completed your masterpiece egg, you drop it and it breaks, ruining all your work. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me over the years. It can be frustrating, but it’s also really rewarding. My favorite part of the process is melting the wax and seeing the final design.

The infographic below will show you the basic steps for creating an egg. You can find more designs and purchase supplies from the Ukrainian Gift Shop. And I highly recommend making some Paska (Ukrainian Bread) to eat while you’re decorating!

How to Create Pysanky

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  1. This is fabulous! My husband’s family is Ukranian but because it was through his dad (and grandfather) they did not pass on this tradition. I can’t imagine any of them were very crafty. However, I always heard about how beautiful these were and they look like something I will have to try! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Thanks Lauren! I love making them each year, even though it can be time consuming and frustrating. Definitely give it a try sometime and let me know how your eggs turn out.

  3. You say use a RAW egg, so how do you keep them? Does the inside dry up in time? If they break after a few weeks or so do they smell?

  4. Granny,
    You had a question about the egg being raw…what u would do after ur egg is complete, is poke a tiny pin hole in both end of the egg, put a paperclip in and scramble the egg. It makes the egg a lil easier to blow out. Blow on one end of the egg and it should come out the other end w/ some effort. Wipe it down when done and give ur egg a clear laquor finish for better shine.

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