3D paper calendars

 Pumpkin October Calendar

How long has it been since you’ve cut along the lines, folded and glued paper together to make a craft?

If you have kids, you might do this all the time. This craft made me feel like I was back in elementary school. And I love the results!

The creative minds over at Scout Creative have a Calendar of the Month Club where you can print out designs and create cool 3D calendars for your desk.

I love the October mix-and-match zombie / mummy / jack-o-lantern creations. They make a nice addition to my mostly-clean desk.

Cutting and folding and glueing isn’t quite as easy as I remember. Although, I think it would have been easier to make these using thick paper or card stock.

I’ll know better when November rolls around.

Has anyone else created a 3D paper structure lately? Give this 3D ensemble a try!

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